Pouilly Fuissé is the most prestigious appellation in the Maconnais area.

This is a charming and elegant 100% Chardonnay white wine, which displays a deep golden color with green hints.

It boasts a charming bouquet combining several different types of aroma: mineral notes (flint), almonds and nuts, citrus fruits (lemon, grapefruit, pineapple) and white fruits (peach).

On the palate this wine is powerful, full-bodied and generous with a fine structure supported by natural richness. Delicacy and refinement characterize this wine.

It would make a wonderful accompaniment to fish, seafood or poultry.


The Mâcon-Uchizy is a 100% Chardonnay dry white wine that grows in the village of Uchizy. It displays an intense yellow color with golden hints. It is an easy drinking wine thanks to its minerality and its abundant freshness.

The nose is charming with notes of fresh fruits and white flowers. The palate displays the same flavours, with vibrant and fresh citrus fruits much in evidence.

This wine is very expressive in its youth. It will prove perfect as an aperitif, typically accompanied by Mâconnais goats’ cheese. It will also be appreciated with fish, sea food, shellfish or a dish of raw vegetables.


This 100% Chardonnay, called Saint Véran, is a village appellation wine from the Mâcon vineyards located in Southern Burgundy.
It displays a very light yellow color, shimmering and crystal-clear.
The nose reveals subtle aromas of fruits (peach, pear) with notes of fresh almond citrus fruits and hazelnuts.

In the mouth, this wine is dry and full of minerality. Its smoothness and acidity complement each other in a fresh and harmonious structure.

This Saint Veran is a perfect partner to dishes such as poultry with a cream sauce, a blanquette of veal, scallops or smoked haddock.

Bourgogne Chardonnay

The Bourgogne Chardonnay appellation covers the whole of the Burgundy vineyard region.

This 100% Chardonnay wine displays a crystal-clear golden color, with green hints. The nose reveals delicate aromas of white flowers (hawthorn, acacia) and flint. In the mouth, the wine displays finesse and power, with a smooth texture on the palate.

This wine is excellent when young, but it can also be left to age for a few years (2 to 5years) to develop its aromatic potential.
Thanks to its lively freshness this wine can be appreciated either as an aperitif, or with a meal to accompany fish or seafood.


This Meursault is a 100% Chardonnay dry white wine that grows in the village of Meursault in the Côte-d’Or department.

This wine displays a limpid, crystalline, green-gold color. The bouquet is elegant with great delicacy and concentration. The initial impression reveals lime, hawthorn, dried flowers and elderberry aromas. When allowed to breathe for a while, it develops intense buttery notes, allied to citrus fruits and honey.
The texture in the mouth is surprisingly rich, deep and yet delicate. There is a perfect balance between roundness and acidity, and the long aftertaste reveals dried fruits notes, with striking minerality.

This great Meursault will get even better with age, and can be kept for more than 15 years.
It will be perfect with rich, gourmet dishes such as lobster or caviar.

Puligny-Montrachet 1er cru – le Cailleret

This Puligny-Montrachet 1er cru “Le Cailleret” is a 100% Chardonnay dry white wine produced in the Côte de Beaune.

This wine displays a light golden color with lustrous, crystalline green hints. On the nose, it is delicate and complex, revealing acacia, hawthorn and dried fruit notes such as almond and hazelnut. On the palate the wine is fine, deep and structured.

This is a wine to lay down up to 15 years.
It will be perfect with high-class fish dishes such as a sea bass, or as a partner to poultry with a creamy sauce.

Bourgogne Pinot Noir

Created in 1937, the Protected Denomination of Origin Bourgogne Pinot Noir spreads over 299 villages.

This 100% Pinot Noir red wine displays a purple color during its youth that turns ruby red after a few years. The nose reveals balanced, fruity aromas.

On the palate it offers a wide range of red berry flavors (blackcurrant, cherry, strawberry, raspberry and blackberry), which then develop into licorice, leather and forest-floor notes with age.

This wine can be enjoyed in its youth, but it can also be stored for 3 to 5 years.

This Bourgogne Pinot Noir goes perfectly with charcuterie, roasted or grilled red meat, or cheese such as Roquefort.


Located among the highest vineyards of the Beaujolais region, the Chiroubles appellation is found at the north of the Rhône Department, in the heart of the village from which it takes its name.

This 100% Gamay red wine displays a brilliant ruby red color. The nose reveals floral aromas such as iris, lily of the valley and peony with strong notes of violet. On the palate, Chiroubles displays its distinctive profile, namely a combination of its red berry flavours, its liveliness and its roundness.

This wine will be perfect with charcuterie typical of the Lyon region, such as a pâté en croûte, but also goes well with a veal casserole.


This 100% Gamay red wine belongs to the Beaujolais Crus.

This Fleurie displays a strong vermilion color with pale lilac hints. The nose offers an explosive bouquet of red berry aromas (cherry and raspberry) mingled with floral notes such as violet, iris and rose.

In the mouth, this is an easy-drinking wine, bold and fruity, with a delicate acidity and fine tannins.
This wine should be enjoyed in its youth to reveal its full potential.

It will prove a perfect accompaniment to roast poultry or white meats.


This Protected Denomination of Origin is produced in the northern part of the Beaujolais region, in vineyards mainly located in Saône et Loire Department.

This 100% Gamay red wine displays a limpid ruby colour with reddish hints.
The bouquet displays intense aromas of black fruits and red berries with notes of blackcurrant and raspberry.

In the mouth it is a fine and balanced wine that reveals the abundant fruit for which the Gamay grape is renowned , with Kirsch, spice and reseda flavours.
This wine will be perfect with snails, veal quenelles or grilled poultry.